Nursery Update

Baby swaddles

How many Swaddles

is considered, too many.. Asking for a friend.


So where are we going with this theme? The original plan was a wanderlust, Southern Boho feel. And I think I've kept the spirit of that going, but on a much more feminine vibe then I had originally planned.  I haven't added the big sign we had made for above the crib yet that has her name! It's totally adorable though! More updates soon!

Nursery Decor

Christmas Break



You thought break

meant you could work right?

Oh how I totally crack myself up over here! I seriously have it in my head that by New Years I will have a MASTER PLAN for next year!! It seems easier to plan out what business will look like because there are so many knowns already. Baby will be here March/April, New House will be finished May/June. So what do I want to do with this space? Do I want to dive back into the Full-Time photography world? Not really, Do I want to keep side hustling it... with a new baby? 


Or do I want to step back and refocus on something entirely different? Maybe step away from photography completely and just photograph my family, our adventures and take the time to document this lil one! I remember with my other two kids I didnt know how to use a camera, edit, take video, a majority of my son's photos live in an old cell phone I can't find. So in 2018 my goals are to focus on growing her and creating a solid plan for just being present in my family's life.

Another idea Ive played around with is starting a online boutique of little girls items. I have loved shopping and designing everything for Brooklyn SO MUCH!! I cultivated a style that is so adorable I can't help but think other Mamas would love it too! But I've never ventured into the retail world before and frankly, it scares the shit out of me. So just maybe later in the year that will come to fruit!

Children's Boutique

A few of my favorite things!

For starters I will hands down put my baby in anything made by L'ovedbaby Because everything has that, vintage yet new photographable look to it!

L'oved baby onsie
Cute Newborn outfits clothes Amie Pendle Photography

Also I just recently discovered Yours Truly Props shes the one that made the white and grey body suits! That hot lil number in the middle cost me a pretty penny but it has such sentimental meaning that I had to! Its made by Boutique De Marcipan & its made of 80% royal Baby alpaca & 20% polyamide. I totally recommend buying directly from them because I purchased them through a local boutique and the mark up was insane!


Today we got our crib delivered and Bobby and I put it together! It's so crazy to see the front office turning into a nursery! Granted she'll only be spending a few short months in it, it's a fun little nesting project!