Round UP!

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Looking back, week 4 through 23,  Today I am 24 weeks along so I have to brain storm another photo! lol I feel like this pregnancy is Flying and Im so glad I started tracking my bumpdates from the beginning! With her being our last babe I'm having as much fun as possible! Eating good but still letting my self have the sweets I crave here and there! lol, I had a handful of chocolate covered pretzels this morning before I ate anything else. Hey, its called balance! Im reeeeaaalllyy craving the Crepery! A crepe with nutella and freshly sliced strawberries and bananas! YUM! I think Food has been my favorite part of this pregnancy! Im always hungry and ready to try new things! I felt Brooklyn kick a rib this morning. I looked at my app I have on my phone and it says she's as big as an ear of corn, whoa mama! I'm having a hard time imagining a larger baby in there! I still see her as the kiwi, or avocado maybe! I find myself constantly wondering if she'll have dark hair like McKenzie or come out completely white blonde like Zac! Either way I know she's going to be perfect for us! Okay, We're over half way there!