It's A.......


YES YES YES!!! I knew it! Before we were even trying to get pregnant, before I convinced Bobby that a reversal was a great idea I would say, "Babe! I just know there is another baby in heaven waiting for us! There a little girl! And I JUST KNOW she's ment to be ours!!" I fell in love with the name Brooklyn. I'd say, " Just think! A lil Brookie Jo in our family! A little sister for McKenzie!!" Oh how I wanted a little sister for her!! I love mine! People would say, " I bet its a boy!" or <" I just have a feeling youre having a boy!!" Oh how my pregnancy hormones would rage. And deep down inside I'd have to calm myself because I could vividly imagine THROAT PUNCHING them!! Sounds silly now, but I just knew it was going to be a girl! I had even been buying girl items for over a year! Seriously that stock pile in my closet is legit!

I wanted the reveal to be special for Bobby and the kids! We waited 2 weeks befor ethe results for all our testing came back, I got the phone call from the Drs office saying the baby was totally healthy and they asked if I wanted to know the gender. Duh, It's a girl. I calmly thanked the nurse and hung up. The plan from the beginning was to let Bobby blow something up, so I packeged the pink and blue powder in black trash bags, I marked the bag with the pink powder with a tag that had a blue one, and the bag with the blue powder, a pink 2. We drove out to the desert, set up the tannerite and then Bobby said,"Okay, go place the bag!" I reached in the box grabbing the blue 1 bag, and carefully walked out to set it up. As I was walking away I heard McKenzie say, " I think I know what it is... Oh man its a boy!" But not in a happy voice, she started to BALL!!! " I saw a blue mark! Its Blue. I really wanted a sister!!" Boy did she lose her shit!! She was beyond upset. I just kept telling her "Just wait and see! Maybe I tricked you!" But she wasn't having it. She was going to have another little brother and her world was over!

Bobby shot the explosive and PINK powder went everywhere! I looked back at McKenzie and she had her hands over her nose and mouth. AGAIN, she started to sob uncontrollably!!  She was an emotional wreak! We had taken her from her lowest low to her HIGHEST high and her little heart just couldn't take it! LOL. She cried for a good 20 minutes before she was able to pull it together! Everyone is thrilled! Even Zac! He says he's excited to have a little sister! And Bobby is happy to have another princess!