8 weeks Pregnant

Wanna hear a joke? PANTS! lmao. well they are a joke to me, or the for sure were at 8 weeks, It's like my hips popped out 3 inches and although I could still barely button my jeans, theres no way in hell i could sit in them! We, and by we, I mean I, broke down this week and bought 3 pairs of maternity jeans, Its hard to find cute distress skinny maternity jeans. It like ordering a Non-fat, decaf double with a twist, at a coffee shop. The women at the counter look at you like, "What? You want light blue,but not TOO light blue, distress but not TOO distress skinny maternity jeans? Umm heres some mom jeans, get over it." I made Bobby go with me and we hunted high and low till I found a pair that was "Amie" approved.  Pink Blush Maternity on line had some great options too, if they ever get a pair in stock in my size!

8 weeks pregnant

Grocery shopping can suck it. I wanna gag every time I walk by meats and cheese. Cause I smell it all! I've lucked out in the morning sickness department, I feel a little woozie, (thats a word right?) from time to time, but I have YET to throw up! Fist pump in the air! Im owning this pregnancy! Im out of breath just thinking about making dinner but hey, I have a miracle in my belly and I'll let the fam fend for themselves tonight!

8 weeks pregnant bumpdate