28 weeks Pregnant

28 weeks pregnant

28 weeks

how many left?

That "CUTE" bump.... yeah it's slowly taking over the whole front of my body!! I don't know what I was thinking, Did I really think it was gonna stay cute and low and perfect forever? Lmao. It's reassuring though, the more room she takes up, the stronger her kicks get. and the stronger her kicks, the healthier she is! So Im okay with turning into a giant boulder. 

After fitness is starting to sink in. Losing the baby weight and toning back up HAS to be a priority, Yet I know me. And I definitely know my ability to pass up anything sweet is non existent! 

Sleeping has taken on a whole mew life of it's own. When I tell people my husband and I sleep in a queen size bed they think Im crazy. Honestly we like touching at night time. I'd never be able to fall asleep if I couldn't feel his hairy leg, lol. But now our bed is a pillow fort, full of my giant wrap around body pillow, a wedge pillow, and extra "between the knees" pillow, and solid king size gel pillow to help keep my head cool and supported. I'm so looking forward to sleeping o nmy belly again and having this adorable babe in a bassinet next to me!