How I shoot my photos!

I've been asked alot, mostly through instagram, how I shoot and edit my images. Do I have a photographer with me all the time? Does my husband take the images? timer? Nope, nope and NOPE! Truth is most of my images are taken last moment so theres no time to call a photographer! My secret weapon is my remote shutter! I attach it to my camera and then get in front. To be honest I used to use my Canon Mark iii camera but because its a manual focus it was so hard to get it set up and focus on myself when I cant stand in front of the camera AND behind it. So i dropped a lil money and bout a Canon Rebel t6i. Basic DSLR any mama can work! Not only can it auto focus on me but,  It has this amazing little flip out screen so I can see what its shooting and if i need to move left or scoot back!

how to photograph yourself

Once Ive taken my photos I'll quickly upload them to my Lightroom program and edit them using a mix of my favorite presets! Which if you like the look of my edits, try Mastin Labs, Portra and Fuji sets! My fav fav!


My wireless remote shutter is a Vello brand, here's a link to amazon where I bought it.  HERE 

Make sure you buy a cable to hook it up to the camera that you have, When I bought it for my Mark iii it came with a rebel connector, lame. Just keep that in mind! And then grab your kids and hop in front of the camera!! Mamas need to be in photos too!