Christmas Break



You thought break

meant you could work right?

Oh how I totally crack myself up over here! I seriously have it in my head that by New Years I will have a MASTER PLAN for next year!! It seems easier to plan out what business will look like because there are so many knowns already. Baby will be here March/April, New House will be finished May/June. So what do I want to do with this space? Do I want to dive back into the Full-Time photography world? Not really, Do I want to keep side hustling it... with a new baby? 


Or do I want to step back and refocus on something entirely different? Maybe step away from photography completely and just photograph my family, our adventures and take the time to document this lil one! I remember with my other two kids I didnt know how to use a camera, edit, take video, a majority of my son's photos live in an old cell phone I can't find. So in 2018 my goals are to focus on growing her and creating a solid plan for just being present in my family's life.

Another idea Ive played around with is starting a online boutique of little girls items. I have loved shopping and designing everything for Brooklyn SO MUCH!! I cultivated a style that is so adorable I can't help but think other Mamas would love it too! But I've never ventured into the retail world before and frankly, it scares the shit out of me. So just maybe later in the year that will come to fruit!

Children's Boutique

12 weeks Pregnant

Boom! Here we are again with another 2 weeks and another #Bumpdate! This week was a big mental turn for me. When I found out we were going to try and have a baby, I was very excited to document it all, share our journey. Maybe work with brands and get some cool stuff for the baby and the nursery. But then, I don't know. Something shifted. Here I am. I'm finally having this 3rd baby I've wanted for years and.... All I'm thinking about is how can this up my social game? What?  It's not me. And I hate being surrounded by an environment like social media where the pressure to share "Re-postable Worthy" images is so strong!! I was constantly looking at my followers number and thinking, "Why didn't that get me any new people?" O "why didn't this photo get more likes?!" "What am I doing wrong?!!!" 

I'll tell ya whats wrong. Suddenly I was living for what everyone else thought. When the whole game plan was to document this journey for ME and our Baby and our family to look back on! So last Saturday I took that power back. I switched my instagram accounts and Kept my personal one private. Now I share my fun images but their on my account where I no longer worry about the number of likes, because Im not posting for others! It's honestly taken so much weight off my mind and has allowed me to enjoy my family and this pregnancy leaps and bounds more! Im not after that perfect shot! Im after one to just remember this moment! Perfect lighting or not!

So, Here I am 12 weeks out. I have my coffee now, not daily but a few times a week. I could go my whole life without alcohol but take my coffee... I could cry!

12 weeks pregnant belly photo

10 weeks Pregnant

Lets play some catch up shall we? It's crazy to say I feel like this pregnancy is flying by!! Here I am trying to savor the moments, but theres really nothing going on, each morning I wake up I dont feel any bigger then I was yesterday, or the day before, lol. Here's my 10 weeks photo!

10weeks pregnant, belly photo

I have dreams every night now, I can usually remember them in the the morning. Nothing deep or meaningful. Usually weirdo dreams like... Oh! I have a dream I was on the beach and 2 sharks came rushing out of a wave onto the shore, and they had a seal in their mouths. They were thrashing back and forth trying to split this seal, when suddenly they weren't sharks, they were now grizzle bears. I was trying to warn everyone on the beach, "Get back!!" I yelled. "They're coming this way!!!" Then the life guards came in their cars and four wheelers to handle the situation, but I woke up. Weird right? lol

Mountain Getaway- The Announcement!!

It was just what we needed for Labor Day, A 3 day getaway up to Brain Head. They had the Country Jam going on, so there was music and beer and food, ziplines, rockwalls, so much stuff for the kids! Our good friends came up and stayed in the cabin with us, I love our friendship because we're both photographers so theres little I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine, I snap a few photos of her and she snaps a few of me! I wasn't planning on announcing our pregnancy just yet, but after seeing these photos I couldn't wait. this is so us! Casual, adventuring! I had to share!


Guess what?!?! We're having a baby!!!!!!!! - Instagram  Announcement Sept-4th


A HUGE thank you to my friend Brittney for taking these amazing shots for us!