Baby Proposal Pt. 2

The first step. It was the LONGEST night of my life the night before. Im pretty sure it was for Bobby too. We drove up to Logan, UT June 15th and stayed the night. We tried to make it fun by going out to dinner at Kneaders. But I could tell Bobby was stressed. He's biggest fear was that they were going to put him to sleep on the operating table and he wouldn't wake up. He had been google worst case scenarios, which everyone knows NOT to do. 

 I kept reassuring him that everything was going to be fine, that they were only going to lightly sedate him!. The morning came way, way sooner then we thought it would. we showed up, it was tricky finding the office but luckily a nurse that worked in that office was outside grabbing supplies and showed us in. We sat in the waiting room, filling out papers when Doctor Ryan Larsen Came out and greeted us. He asked us questions about Bobby original vasectomy and answered any questions I had about the reversal. And then escorted us back to the room where the procedure would take place. 


It wasn't quite what I was expecting, and my stomach started to get all knotted up. The nurse started an IV for bobby and informed him that he would soon start to feel sleepy and to just go with it. Ummm... Bobby's worst case, they were knocking his ASS OUT! He looked at me like," You said I wasn't going to sleep?! WTH?" Oh man I felt so bad! 


Im so thankful I was allowed to be in there. I stood at the head of the table, rubbing his cheeks, telling him I loved him and that I was right there. Then, once everything was set they put a warm blanket on Bobby, monitored his oxygen and blood pressure,  Dr.Larsen went to work. He communicated with me the whole time. Telling me how good everything looked and he was happy with the connections. Bobby of course never fell asleep, he fought the IV hard the whole time. Dozing for minutes at a time. 

Once everything was stitched up and good they gave him a nice big ice pack, wished us luck and set us on our way. I drove us home about half way, (5 hour drive total) and somewhere around point of the mountain the sedation had worn off and my husband was back to himself. Although I did enjoy his silly banter along the way! lol We stopped at a Starbucks, grabbed a drink and light late breakfast, traded seats and continued home. Once we got home he went straight to bed, Ibuprofen and Ice packs were his best friends for the next 4-5 days. 

In the mean time I had been tracking my ovulation and trying to learn as much as I could about fertility. He had done his part and thats all he could do, it was up to me now to figure out when our best chances of conceiving was and what extra steps we could take to help us out!. I had started us on One A Day brand vitamin pack for couples trying to conceive. I like to think they helped! I stayed super hydrated, drank a shit ton of water and tracked tracked tracked!  I used Clear Blues ovulation kits, I wish I had just gone with the Clear Blue Advanced from the begining because It really broke it down to, Not ovulating, Getting Close, NOW!!! Where the other one was just a your ovulating or you're not.


I remember taking this photo. I used both test, Just to make sure! Cause if one was like YES! And was said no, I knew we'd have a problem, but they both gave me thumbs up and I was on the phone with Bobby within Minutes. "Its game day partner!! Were playing for the championship and you need to get your booty home, NOW!" Your stuck with me for the next 24hrs! Hahahaha

Cinco De Mayo | Utah Studio Photographer

When I get a chance to photograph my best friend and her babies, You bet Im aallllllllll over that oppertunity!

Amie Pendle  Children Commercial Photographer
Amie Pendle  Children Commercial Photographer
Amie Pendle  Children Commercial Photographer
Amie Pendle  Children Commercial Photographer