Coaching Programs


How would you like to grow + Polish your instagram in 30 days or less?

Imagine this, you’ve been struggling with your instagram, gain 10 followers, lose 10 followers. Clever captions? What are those? Just when you felt like you’re never going to win, 2 of your Newest Best Friends step in. Sit you down. Give you the pep talk of your life and continue to stand by you, giving you guidance and cheering you on continuously. You finally feel like YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

Together I ( Amie Pendle ) + Jenna Nelson (the Love Bomb Company) Are teaming up to personally coach a small handful of women. To help them dominate the Social Media game and win big in the business world!

Stay tune as launch date draws closer! June 27th our programs will be available for purchase (with Payment options)

But say you want our wisdom but want to do this on your own, we get it, our workbook will be available for download as well!

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