You + me= magic

So you just feel stuck in your branding. Like you've reached a stale mate. And your'e looking into getting out of this funk!

That's where I come in. See I'm not here to take over and tell you what to do, where's the fun in that? No, together, (whether in person or via online) We break your business down! Everything from your branding, website, social media, marketing. It all gets dissected and re-evaluated!  And TOGETHER we make magic by renewing your passion and excitement and a whole new look for your business!  

PACKAGE 1.  The One Stop Shop

$1,300.00 payments avaliable

whats included:

Brand Evaluation:

Combing through everything, your business cards, websites, social media, logo. You name it we'll list whats working and what just plain isn't and make a plan for changes!

New Brand Board:

A new brand board will be implemented and will give you a guideline so you know what fits and what doesnt. to create a cohesive look throughout all your outlets! 


We will partake in at least 2 different styled photoshoots that include hair and makeup! To give us a variety of images you can use on your site and as content for social media and advertising!

Custom Graphics:

Logo,  Graphic designs for your site and even custom business card files are included in this package!

Social Media Stratagies:

And finally a custom strategy for your social media will be created so that you have a feed that attracts your ideal client, including hashtags, marketing strategies and making over your profile/ 1st 9 post.


Travel fees not included.

Travel fees not included.

Small Business Video


Customize Your Website Templates

Starting at $850

I have Some really great templates I love! So after purchase I wil customize 5 pages througha Squarespace website. Including an Home, About, Contact, Blog and Gallery page! If your'e not familiar with this platform I will teach you and walk you through just how easy it is to blog and post! All the custom branding we create together will be put into action, solidifying your overall look! Yay! All your social media accounts, email and other information will be linked, and you'll be handed over a brand new home for your business!

 Price includes, Domain transfer, customization, graphic fees, and all setup cost.  

Photoshoot - Branding


We meet ahead of time and plan our session together accordingly. Together with my cup of coffee we'll conquer this shoot, knocking off every single shot from our shot list!

Creating eye catching headshots, images for advertising and all the detail shots you can shake a stick at! ( Althought I personally have never seen anyone shaking sticks at anything... we'll there was this one time...) Back to what I was saying! Shoots with me are FUN, Fast and don't feel like work at all! we will convey who you are, what you do and present you in a light that people will relate to!

Photoshoot - Lifestyle


Lifestyle means, I come in, and theres no prep work. We photograph you, your family doing everyday stuff. Playing boardgames, working at your computer, baking cookies, out shopping, in a field, etc. One hour, 35+ images delivered via online album. And Ta-da!! thats it!


Custom Brand Video

Starting at $100